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The True Tones - the Genesis
of Heart & Soul
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Heart & Soul began making music in the Knoxville area in the spring of 2009, but the band's musical heritage was born in the early 1960s with a six-piece group known as the True Tones.

A contemporary flyer for the band boasts that "Versatility is one of the major assets of the True Tones. Besides playing two or more instruments, each member is a one man comedy riot. Whether on or off stage the True Tones seem constantly engaged in humoresque activities."

Gerald Barber was a guitarist with the band and he occasionally had his sister Ava, who was only nine years old, sing with the True Tones on stage. She later toured with the Lawrence Welk Show.

         But, in 1964, Ava was just Gerald Barber's kid sister.

The band recorded the single Loving From My Baby for Spot Records as an afterthought. They just knew the flip side, Never Had a Chance, would be a hit. Loving From My Baby was hurredly written when they were asked what they planned to do for the other side of the single. They had never thought of that.

          'Loving' rose to number 38 on the nationwide Top 40 enabling Lanny to buy a 1964 Mercury Comet convertible and really impress the local girls. Here is a small write-up in the Y-12 Bulletin, a newspaper for Union Carbide Nuclear Division employees. Lanny's father and Gerald's father both worked at the plant.

Sons & LoversLater, Lanny played keyboard and guitars with The Sons and Lovers, a band that featured Richard Way on drums, Corky McCorkle on vocals and guitar, Wilma Thress on vocals and bass, Nancy Westbrooks on vocals and piano, and Helen Westbrook on vocals and drums. Here is a playlist (opens a new window) of a studio recording made by The Sons & Lovers in a small studio on Sutherland Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee in the mid sixties.

Val is still working on her biography. It may be a little while.


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